Raahil Dhruva - (Founder & Director)

Visionary & Founder of Marcos Quay, and Tennis Professional from India, Mr. Raahil Dhruva represented India at at International level in Europe, USA, Iran, and Dubai to name a few. Winning a sports scholarship to play tennis for Queen’s University of Charlotte, he graduated in the top 10 of his class After studying Entrepreneurship and Corporate Communications, Raahil decided to use his expertise in the Sports field as well as his Business acumen to venture into the sports industry in India with a mission of “Changing the face of Indian Sport” he quotes.

Born and raised in Mumbai till the age of 10, Raahil was already ranked 3 in Maharashtra in the under 12 category. However, the lack of professional coaching and sports infrastructure held him back from excelling towards a professional career. A year later, his family made the decision to move to London to pursue his passion for Tennis. His experience had lead him to understand the lack of support given to sports in India and that’s when Marcos Quay was born. He believes that sports can help open doors to opportunities beyond just the sports field. The large sports budgets in academic institutions across USA, UK and Australia can help a student gain sports scholarships and admission into top universities to give them a chance to bright careers.

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